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Elba to Play Mandela


Idris Elba, a British actor is starring in an amazing film depicting the South African leader, Nelson Mandella.

Known from the HBO series “The Wire”, Elba was excited to play this more serious part.

The film is an autobiography of Mandela’s  life. From an attorney to an elderly patriarch and statesman.

Elba depicts Mandela’s life through the walls of a jail cell-27 years.

“There was racism and I grew up amongst it, it was only going to fuel me to go further”, Elba said.

Elba had to play a young and old Nelson Mandela which was not filmed in order. Elba made the film come to life and he also found insight through the eyes of Nelson Mandela.

Elba could easily relate to Mandela’s story through his own experiences in London.

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