As a child, I always wanted to become a journalist.

I was in my head writing in my journals and by the fifth grade I created my very first autobiography. Detailing the events of my life thus far.

By the fifth grade I found myself writing a lot, only to get complex ideas onto paper. My fifth grade teacher loved my writing and expected me to go beyond the five pages (front and back) I already written.

I was an editor by the fifth grade. Saving drafts and constantly going back to rephrase sentences and correcting the terrible grammar I was accustomed to.

Tough work! I believe she wanted me to see how much hard work goes into creating your very on piece of work. But this is something I really wanted, to express myself to the world but to only those who actually wanted to listen.

I wanted to pass on those good qualities that my mother instilled in me to my son. ‘Moving Forward’ , this will acknowledge my position as a writer thus giving my writing a voice.



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