“Desire” for learning…tales from Uganda

Mzungu Mama

When I prepared to leave Uganda Daniel had the chicken pox. He spiked a high fever and his body was covered with a rash so we dashed off to the doctor. No one can determine the difference  between mumps, measles, or chicken pox! And we always have to rule out malaria. It’s difficult to diagnose because their skin doesn’t show any redness. It always surprises me when Kira gets angry that there’s no redness in her face, only globes of tears dropping like suicide bombers off her cheeks. The doctor required Daniel to smear himself with white calamine lotion. Poor fella looked scary to Rhonah. His face remained long while participating in all the household activities. He never complained once, and no one teased him, they felt his burden too.


Daniel recovered fine, but now two weeks later, Desire has developed the chicken pox. Today is the day the…

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