Throwbacks – “Back in the Day”

We sometimes reminisce on the things we used to have and enjoy through pictures. We say “Look at me back then, do you remember?”

Sometimes we like to be reminded of the past so we can know how far we have come. Progression is the key to he future.

These are a few things I thought of that were popular “back in the day.”



images1 Gauchos were for any occasion and very comfortable. Can’t get caught wearing these anymore.


“The Freeze” was very common back in he day for our mothers and grandmothers to protect their hair during a long and hard week.


This intense hair conditioner grew the hair of many children with its thick formula.


Boys prize possession, the Gerbo pants.


Ah, what we are all afraid of, the hot comb. Used in the kitchens of many homes, children would run at the thought of seeing this.


Tattoo neck brace was fun back in the day, we were all “GROWN UPS” we we would wear these.

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