44 kids’ books that grown-ups don’t hate (and some that they do)

The joys and wonders of motherhood…

Joy and Woe

road_made_of_booksBooks make amazing gifts for kids – at this time of year or any other.

We’ll be walking that walk next month when we read 25 brand-new, never-before-seen books for Advent.  More on that later, but I can already tell you that I’m approaching that new tradition with a bit of trepidation because, let’s face it, not all kids’ books are created equal.

There are some books that we adore that our kids think are Yawn City.  And some books they want to have read to them again — and again and again – that for various reasons, grate on our more and/or less sensitive literary nerves.

To help you in your gift-giving endeavours, and to preserve your friendships with both the small recipients and their larger readers, I’ve compiled a list of 44 kids’ books that parents don’t hate.

The first three are my own personal favourites, with…

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