During the interview Selby and I discussed a professional resume’.Interview

She pinpointed minute details that I hadn’t noticed before. Such as ten points per bullet and font. Professions change and therefore your resume should change as well. I learned that your resume should fit the job you are seeking. These were the pointers she gave me.

  • Conservative style font
  • Single spaced
  • Headings no bigger than 10-12 font
  • Name ’16 font
  • Consistent layout
  • Traditional
  • Ten bullets per experience
  • Past tense
  • Optimal resume’.com

The resume’ looks better now in terms of format and style. I received more feedback from employers now that my resume’ is formatted correctly. We focused on grouping similar topics and experiences under one category. Repetition is not necessary when creating your resume’.

When creating a document I must pay attention to the minor details before submitting.

Selby also discussed with me what employers are looking for in terms of resume’ writing, interview skills and job performance. Employers want to be able to connect with their interviewees on an experienced and personal level. This is to maximize job performance from the employee. When going for an interview a potential candidate must possess the knowledge that you are not more than your employer and that you are able and willing, no matter what to receive that job position.

These were all wonderful tips and I’m glad to have received this information.

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