The other day I was asked why do you blog? 

Everyone has their own personal motivation-but mine for therapeutic reasons. Either way, blogging can bring good things to those who practice it. Based on my experience and observations within society which thrives on hearing what other people have to say, I’ve listed three things that blogging can do for you.

1. Write, write, write. By blogging one can become a better writer. As time moves forward blogging can become beneficial in a world of journalism and magazine writing. This should do it–right?

2. The great communicator. Blogging helps me to communicate with different audiences around the world. Knowing cultural backgrounds or differences helps the world come together. You should blog too!

3. Attention please, this way! Anyone can blog about anything, which gives readers a full view of what’s out there. Therapeutic reasons are the main focus when it comes to me blogging. It is very liberating and I believe in quality substance.

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