Family Functions Determines Child’s Behavior

Studies have shown that a child’s behavior is determined by how their family function. To mesausre the results of a child’s behavior researchers conducted a survey to 1. measure the child’s awareness of family culture and 2. the  values and standards of everyday practices within the family structure.

 “Families are the most central and enduring influence in children’s lives regardless of their education, composition, income, or values”, said The Family Pediatrics Report (2003).

Children who are raised in a stable and dependable 2-parent home potentially perform better in school. Children need love and affection from their parents in order to cope with society demand on them. Not only that- love and affection ensures health and emotional development.

The denial of negative feelings may restict problem solving efforts (Phelan, 1979).

Although a stable and dependable 2-parent home is ideal it is not the case for any particular individual and it does not always guarantee success.

When a child is born their first interactions are their family. The family’s attidues and behaviors are then picked up by the child as the correct behavior to obtain. Being it social, the child’s first source of awareness and communication comes from their family.

Society’s Effects

Now, the family is not as domiating as it once was, Children may attend camps to enhance their vision of the world to be able to perform better with peers.

Methods of Qualitative Research

  • Survey

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