First Woman President of The University of Memphis Announces Retirement

ImageShirley Raines has served the University of Memphis since July 1, 2001 as the 11th president. She will officially retire on June 30 of this year. With 12 years under her belt she has experienced enjoyable and challenging moments of the now, diverse University of Memphis.

“I am deeply grateful for the support of my husband, Dr. Robert Canady, a former faculty member, who understood the academic community and engaged with the larger Memphis community in productive and creative ways.”

Shirley Raines has exceeded the requirements of a wonderful President. This university has grown to its potential and continues to grow daily through the eyes of the school’s diverse population. I personally, will miss Shirley Raines because her decision making is impeccable and not to mention–she understands!l With the help of the president’s council, Shirley Raines has accomplished a lot and her main focus has always been on the students of the campus.

The University of Memphis will surely miss Shirley Raines and her contributions to this wonderful university.


For Press information contact: Curt Guenther, 901-678-2843


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