Memphis Eats…

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Memphis Eateries

Memphis is known for its southern hospitality and famous Bar-B-Que. But is that all we have to offer? Of course not! With downtown Beale being one of the hottest tourist attractions down south, people alike from all around are celebrating Memphis’ food and the fine wine and dine experience.

Bar-B-Que in Memphis is a serious issue. Slow cooked seasoned meat that falls right off the bone is what Memphians care most about. There are several shops that have pronounced itself Bar-B-Que king.
Tops have been around since 1952. Located everywhere in Memphis, one is sure to fulfill your barbeque needs with the hickory flavored chopped pork and famous slaw.
“This place has awesome pulled pork sandwiches. I also order it with slaw, and a side. The fries are pretty good too.”
“The burgers they have are also pretty good. Not my favorite, but my girlfriend loves them.”
Central barbeque has been around since 2002. Unlike Tops, Central has a outdoor summer feel that lures the customer in with its savory bark crusted pork. This place will leave your taste buds tingling!
“A MUST try if you are visiting Memphis. You can NEVER go wrong with whatever you order.
I do not eat beef or pork, but I LOVE chicken wings (spicy) and smoked chicken salad. it is wonderful, tasty and less than $10.
The service is fast, and the ordering system is very convenient. The staff is very friendly and pleasing.
Definitely in top 5 restaurants in Memphis and may be in top 3 BBQ places in Memphis.”
Rendezvous’, located downtown Memphis has its Greek style atmosphere and the best spiced up pork around. They always give you more than your share and the taste is unbelievable.
“Best bbq ever. The dry rub and the smoky taste in the meat were delicious. Our waiter was fantastic; he is a part of the establishment itself. You could tell he truly believed he was serving and a part of something special.”

Wind down and feel at ease. Wine does a body good and one glass a day could really make a difference in your life. Be sure to check out this spot when wine tasting in Memphis.
 Houston
This place has a diverse selection of wine for everyone with a
superb atmosphere.
“Food and the dining environment definitely worth the price. A gem in the city!”
This wonderful atmosphere provides the best selection possible when it comes to wine tasting. The service style of the restaurant is the finest service featuring a knowledgeable wait staff from which the customer can gain valuable knowledge to enhance their dining experience.
As its name suggests this stylish restaurant specializes in food and drink making it the perfect location for a sensory adventure. Select from already paid for wine flights by region or type of wine or get creative and make your own three wine sampling. Once you have discovered your new favorite wine order your favorite dish by sampling famous fish and other dishes.
“Worth going to Memphis just to dine there again.”


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