Chris Brown fails drug test in Rhianna case …

Chris Brown fails drug test, faces probation hearing in November

Notorious famed singer Chris Brown violated his probation recently for testing positive for marijuana use.

Chris Brown was sentenced to five years probation and six months of community service.

His  management team has found numerous opportunities for him to commit to community service projects.

Brown was in Virginia committing to his community service needs when tested positive on June 18.

“Brown did 120 hours (double shifts) for his community service,” Brown’s attorney said.

Judge Patricia Schnegg did order Brown to be drug tested during his probation. The probation is for an earlier incident relating to the assault of famed singer Rihanna. Brown accepted the judge’s disciplinary warning.

“You are not an average person, you have to set an example for your teen fans,” Judge Schnegg said.

Brown is due back to court Nov. 1 for another hearing. Brown responded to his fans to not judge him and video is ready.

The ethical dilemma is that Chris Brown 23, has had a history of negative behavior. As a man of his caliber and expertise who is in the limelight; Brown has to set an example for younger men and also women of his age and younger. His team as well as judges have worked with Brown in order to clean up his image. He has to work hard in the eyes of his publics to demonstrate he is a beneficial citizen to his community and also to society.

Although Brown has already lost several endorsements, his commitment to his community service has provided a good light to his public. In this positive direction Brown can gain back his fan base and receive new endorsements.

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