Why are comments such an integral part of blogs? What advice would you offer on writing effective blog comments?

Blog commenting may analyze another blogger’s opinions or provide feedback for content. Not only does it provide feedback but commenting can create popularity for the blogger and the commentator. When professionals view a blogger’s site, they also look at who else is viewing. This shows credibilty to the blogger’s site.

Blog commenting has so many benefits including positive and negative feedback.

  1. Building long term, genuine and mutual relationships.
  2. Make yourself and your blog/business popular.
  3. Build backlinks – good for SEO and ranking.
  4. Gain traffic.
  5. Get blog post ideas!

Jane Sheeba Blog Commenting: Do It Effectively Without Killing Yourself?

Bulding long term connections is crucial in the professional world. This includes networking using different social media platforms. Commenting on different sites gain popularity through active hyperlinks for other blogger’s to view.

Although blog commenting can render positive feedback it also can relate negative feedback as well.

Blogs with less comments however, achieve popularity in their own right. Bloggers tend to communicate with other bloggers in their “niche.” This is an extension of yourself through other blogger’s views and opinions.

Blogger’s sites also can become more active through comments.Commenting on blogs is one of the better ways to build inbound links to your website.  Aside from incoming links, it also gives you other things such as brand presence or publicity, reputation and more visitors “http://writeffects.com/489/effective-link-building-via-blog-comments.”

However, blogger’s try to facilitate traffic for their own blogs through comments. A blogger must write at least twenty comments per week in order to drive other blogger’s back to their site” http://weblogbetter.com/2012/04/24/is-blog-commenting-as-effective-as-it-used-to-be/.”

  1. The comments that tends to drive traffic to your blogs are usually long ones
  2. Comments which appear as the first 2 or 3 comments usually drive the majority of the traffic. People don’t usually read a lot of comments
  3. Comments which disagree with the author strongly tends to attract clicks
  4. Comments with links in them drive less traffic even if they appear on the first 3 spots
  5. Comments with keywords as anchor texts instead of your name almost always never drive quality traffic

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