For the first time ever, Adult and Commuter Student Services will host a Halloween-themed rave Oct. 26.

The prices of the tickets are $10 in advance or $12 at the door. Students who purchase tickets in advance will need to keep the upper portion in order to receive a glow wristband for admission.

“The rave will take place the Friday before Halloween so that students can enjoy both the light show and the actual holiday,” Angelica Jacques, vice president of the Commuter Student Association, said.

The light show will take place in the University Center Ballroom. Glow-in-the-dark neon body paint, makeup and neon and black lights are the main attractions.  Students are encouraged to wear costumes to have a better experience with the light show.

Goody bags with bottled waters and different glowing objects will be sold at stations around the ballroom.

 An alumnus of the University of Memphis, guest DJ Mark Anderson will be the live entertainment. Anderson has hosted at several events in Memphis, including the Mollie Fontaine Lounge, a restaurant located on Adams Avenue.

Anderson has been serving up the hits for special events and high-end nightclubs for two decades. His musical knowledge is diverse and he has command of music that spans all eras and genres.

“The light show should be really fun seeing how it is the first one ever on campus,” Carissa Child, president of the Commuter Student Association, said.

Child said the event was thought of while walking during lunch one day.

The proceeds of the light show will go to the West Clinic, an organization that focuses on helping people with the different stages of cancer.

“We want to help as much as possible,” Priscilla Reno, president of the Adult Student Association, said.

The on-campus bookstore is going to extend its normal departmental discount of 25 percent to the ACSS office so that they may purchase blankets and caps for the West Clinic.

“One of our associates’ husbands just finished treatment at the West Clinic, and we’re aware of all the great work they do there,” Donna Collier, campus store and café manager, said.

The rave is open to all students.

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